Criminal Defense Experience

  • 435 Murder cases - Defense
  • 47 Death Penalty cases - Defense
  • 65 Human Sex Trafficking cases (Court Qualified Expert)
  • 30 plus Organized Crime cases - Defense
  • 2000 Plus felony cases
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High Profile Cases

  • Grim Sleeper serial murder case (Los Angeles)
  • Skid Row Stabber serial murder case (Los Angeles)
  • Suge Knight murder case (Compton, CA)
  • Michael Mejia murder case (Norwalk, CA)
  • Ed Buck double murder case (N. Hollywood, CA)
  • Timothy McGee murder case (Los Angeles)
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Intelligence Work

A professional and experienced investigator with gathering intelligence on a variety of people, businesses, politicians and much more. This firm has access to a great amount of information and knowledge on how to use it. We accept international and domestic clients, however, all our work is performed with-in the United States.


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What sets me apart from other investigators is my work ethic:

Reliable - Professional - Accountable - Responsive

Specialized Knowledge

In the past 37 years, I learned all aspects of complex criminal cases. This includes Organized Crime, Serial murder cases, Fraud and much more.

I have provided intelligence investigations to businesses, investors, politicians and people with personal goals.

Success is very often found by keeping things simple.




AL lic # 805   /   GA Lic # PDC002866 &
CA # PI16666    /    AZ # 1002838

DBA in AZ and GA "Classic Investigations"